news 24 gifAt the coast of Papua (Indonesia) American scientists have discovered about 51 new species of fish and coral over the last 6 weeks. At a total of 1233 different types of fish, these reefs are a big competition for the Great Barrier Reef (Australia). They already took the lead in " most different types of coral ". But what is most exciting is the fact that they discovered 2 brand new shark species.
news 23 gifSan Francisco, Washington & New York have turned to fish in their battle against terrorisme. To find out as quick as possible if terrorists have poisened drinking water, breams (picture) have been put in the water tanks.
news 22 gifDon't you love all these useless facts of life that make you look smart? I surfed the net for you an did you know: *)It's impossible to out-swim a shark. Sharks reach speeds up to 70 km/h (44 mph). *)Sharks are imune to all known diseases........ read more
news 21 gifFishing at sea in Vietnam is a quit different sight than most of us are used to. The fishermen make there boats like we in the west did at the time of Julius Ceasar. In these round primitive vessels, wich look more like baskets, is only room for 2 men and a fiching-net.
news 20 gifTo be or not to be the smallest fish in the world! We all know that the biggest fish ever is the whale shark. And now, a team of scientists from Switserland & Singapore have discovered the smallest one. The Paedocypris progenetica has won first price with a lenght of 7.9 millimeters.