news 19 gifIf you thought that only monkeys & humans could invent new ways to get their way in life, think again. Biologists in Canada found out that the orca is smart enough to invent & teach new methods to find food in life.
news 18 gifSome of you have been asking me about it! You all had to wait to long, but now they are finaly here: The new pictures & divespots. Check out Egypt:Marsa Alam deep-south & Safaga.
 As divers, we all know that diving holds a certain risk. Good communication (as well above & below the surface)and experience can lower that risk, but still there are lots of things we don't have any power over. Over the last few years there were a few fatal accidents in the Netherlands (Oosterschelde), and although this is never to be excluded, you can be warned for possible dangers! The comity of Tholen (NL) has put up 4 warning signs at 4 of there top-divespots.
news 16 gifThe other week, a few members of our dive club Nemo came together for a late dive in the Oosterschelde (Stavenissen, Nl). The weather was great, and after a major traffic jam round Brussels & Antwerp, I still made it in time. I took some time to chill out and we all geared up to hit the water.......
news 15 gifAustralian scientists have discovered a new species if dolphins, the first in over 30 years. According to them, the dolphins live along the coastline in shallow water, in north Australia. And probable as well in Papoea-New-Guine. First they believed it was the Irrawady-dolphin, common in Asia & Australia. But DNA tests showed it was a different & new type of dolphin.