news 14 gifSetting the date on sunday, 5 october, we all came together for taping a few shots for a documentary called (for now): IN SEARCH OF THE GRAIL. First stop was the watermill in Grobbendonk (Belgium), that is put to work at 2pm. All geared-up & ready to go.......nothing happend.
news 13 gifLiving on this blue planet, doing the things we want, not many of us worry about later. Most of us can't see that we are robbing MOTHER EARTH blind of all her resources and beauty. Every year we produce over 50 million engines and waist over 4 billion ton of oil to keep them going. The Kyoto-agreement is being tread on by many powerfull states. WHAT IF there was an alternative for this polution?? A clean & green power substracted from a "Pepetuum Moblie", a never ending motion?? THe GRAIL!
news 12 gifMost of you divers out there know the monthly magazine "DUIKEN", the Dutch version of Diving/Tauchen. As a loyal reader, with a subscription for over 5 years now, I look forward to every new edition. But this month I was in for a big surprice, as I saw my name & site mentioned on page 117.
news 11 gifOn the 6the of May John "Mister Dynamite" died in his home unexpectedly. For over 15 years he was the head editor of the monthly (Dutch) magazine "Duiken"
news 10 gifYou all know that I'm very impressed over this site, naturally!! And I did get a lot of positive feedback as well. But what do the real professionals think about it ????