news 8 gifWhat about them? Well, I think they are fun! The make my logbook look nice and it seems like I've been really bussy. But there's nothing like your own personal stamp. So, I started looking around and...
news 7 gifHave you heard about the indoor dive pool Nemo 33? This is a -33meter deep pool in Ukkel (near Brussels) Belgium. It's used for all kinds of purposes:special training,examination on deep water exercizes or just for fun! We went there to check it out!!
news 6 gifI PROUDLY PRESENT THIS SITE TO YOU!! I was talking about it a few months ago, but never had any idea it would turn out like this. It's so much more than I could ever imagine and all thanks to Jo, my big brother. He had to indulge all my stupid questions and mistakes.But the result is here, and I did promise to share it with you! I hope you can find your way around the site and that the information I gave will be of some use to you. These are my personal impressions and experiences and I tried to be honest about all topics. I just didn't want it to turn out as a holiday brochure. I'm still learning as I go along, so please bare with me.Although I'm not to proud to take suggestions. And I'm not only going to ask you for your opinion, you have the posibility to add your experience on dive spots and give usefull tips. Check out "Diving Guests"!!!