news 1 gif news 2 gif news 3 gifLiving on this blue planet, doing the things we want, not many of us worry about later. Most of us can't see that we are robbing MOTHER EARTH blind of all her resources and beauty. Every year we produce over 50 million engines and waist over 4 billion ton of oil to keep them going. The Kyoto-agreement is being tread on by many powerfull states. WHAT IF there was an alternative for this polution?? A clean & green power substracted from a "Pepetuum Moblie", a never ending motion?? THe GRAIL!

Wessel di Wesselli,65 years, European, mondialist is tempting science with his invention, his grail, a construction in the water that uses air & waterpressure only. As an artist-inventor, technicus, free-lance scientist, sculpturer of thoughts, with a minimum of sources and maximum of brainpower, he "dares" every scientist by kicking the laws of waterpressure. Even if you're not a believer, it's still more than interesting to hear what Wessel has to say.

And that is exactly what Werner Van den Bulck (cameraman at the National television channel "één") thought, as he decided to make a documentary on this!!! I'm actually proud that he asked me to participate on this project together with fellow-diver Gert Van Roey. We take care of the underwater filming, and hope in this way to contribute to any change of thinking.

This planet is sick but, as Wessel hopes (with his invention), will not become terminally ill.

Documentary still under construction.