news 1 gifAt the coast of Papua (Indonesia) American scientists have discovered about 51 new species of fish and coral over the last 6 weeks. At a total of 1233 different types of fish, these reefs are a big competition for the Great Barrier Reef (Australia). They already took the lead in " most different types of coral ". But what is most exciting is the fact that they discovered 2 brand new shark species.

One of those is about 1meter long and lives on shallow reefs on the sandy bottom. It doesn't seem to swim but, instead, moves around by walking on his fins. This shark hunts at night and eats mostly small fish and schrimp, little things he finds on the bottom.

Scientists are urging to make this a protected area, as the local fishermen still use explosives on the job. We can all imagine what damage this does to the reefs.